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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Celebrities On My Bike: Taylor Hicks

“I gotta get on one of these” is what American Idol Taylor Hicks said while getting his picture snapped with my bike and I at a radio station tour stop to promote his appearance as Teen Angel in the musical Grease at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati through February 1st and his concert at the Century Theater in Oakley, Saturday January 24th.

Mildly admitting he may have had one too many Memphis BBQ sandwiches, Taylor Hicks whirlwind hasn’t stopped since he got off the plane in Hollywood. He actually had to have his dad pick up his car at the airport where months before he had left it to fly out for Idol auditions. The call to accept the role in Grease came during a five minute lunch while recording the new CD due out this spring. Think we all can relate to careers encroaching on exercise time and the pooch encroaching on the beltline.

I know what you may be thinking. Truthfully, I wasn’t a big fan of the big grey haired guy when he was on Idol either. I too thought the Soul Patrol was kind of corny. However, that was Idol. Now he’s doing his own thing, his own niche of music. Being a fan of the blues, I’m warmly impressed. I listened to a few cuts on
his myspace page. Good stuff if you’re into heartfelt soulful blues-ish music. You can feel the emotion in the songs. He said his band is full of seasoned players, some who’ve played with Clapton, another a virtuoso on the big Hammond B3 Organ. Bands don’t lug one of those things around the country unless they mean business. His new single “What’s Right Is Right” is due out in the coming weeks.

Hey, he was cool enough to take a goofy picture with me and my bike. If he can see a Les Paul in my Jamis Xenith, I can at least appreciate his passion for blues and soul music.

For more celebrities on my bike, click here to see the band The Bravery.


Lubiana said...

Great picture! Thanks for your blog

Joe Biker said...

Lubiana and the hundreds of others, thanks for the link and coming over from Taylor Hick's Boogie Board. I imagine Taylor Hick's representatives got the link. Can't believe the # of unique visitors today. Funny things happen when worlds collide (cycling and music)

Joe Biker said...

Here's the link to the Taylor Hicks forum where the link for this blog got some love today.

marymagdalene said...

Joe Biker:
I am a member of Taylor's "Boogie Board," so I had to come on over here to read your blog...

Great blog, and I love the picture of the 3 of you.

I also happen to be a fan of the Jamis bicycle, as I have a Ladies2008 Earth Cruiser 1, which I absolutely love, and cannot wait until I can start riding it again!!!

Anonymous said...

Am not a biker babe, but loved your take on Mr. Hicks. Good for you for being good to Taylor who in turn was good to you . Good stuff and very amusing. Good luck .


tygrlillie said...

*chuckling* You'll quickly learn when it comes to Taylor, the Soul Patrol will come visit your page, darlin'. That's an adorable picture - thank you so much for sharing it with us.
I just got back from Chicago, and it cost me a pretty penny to have my car released from airport parking. I don't want to know what kind of money that cost him!!!

Joe Biker said...

For what it's worth, this entry has generated the most interest ever in this blog. The counter today has been ticking off hits like kilometers in the tour down under.

Till now, the post with the highest Unique Visitors on my tracking system has been the race reports about the UCI 3 Day Pro Race in Cincinnati which were picked up by VeloNews and other cycling publication.

Congrats Soul Patrol and thanks for visiting. Hopefully in a way it might get more people into cycling.

vegassoulpatrol said...

Yes, we sou patrollers will go anywhere for news on our Taylor. .thanks so much for sharing with us!!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you cycle, while I bicycle.... big difference. I bike 4 miles a day but I am not a cyclist. You are big time while I am just small potatoes.

Now if Taylor Hicks buys that bike, I may just change the bi to a cy and really get into the sport.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute photo and your blog! Make sure you check out Taylor's new CD coming out March 10th, and hopefully, his "live concert" DVD "Whomp at the Warfield" a week later! Both on Amazon and other places!!!

Anonymous said...

News travels in the world of Taylor! Thanks for sharing your experience, honest opinions and photo of the three of you. Taylor's music is good for the soul. Best wishes and safe travels from Texas.

poetcindy said...

Great Pic Thanks for sharing it. Your blog may get some more people into cycling and also turn some more people onto Taylor Hicks. Its a win-win.

Judy said...

Thanks for the Taylor comments. He is a very unique entertainer!! If you get a chance, run to see him live. Great picture of you two and the famous bike.

MitchG said...

Joe, were you guys doing a Grease number in there with your bike?

"You're the one that I want....oh..oh..oh"